Diar published its last report on 2019-06-03. The company shifted into private research and consulting. This site serves as an archive of the data-driven analysis and research done between 2017-2019. Contact us at enquiry@diar.co for further details on our services.

Institutional Grade Research, Consulting
and Data Resource Analyzing Digital Currency & Assets


Diar provides concise coverage and analysis of significant developments within the global digital currency industry. This information service delivers the expert insight critical for informed decision making within the constantly evolving global finance & regulatory environment.

Why you may want to read Diar:

Forward Outlook

As a weekly publication, Diar has time to let a story develop clarity allowing us to delve into the details providing you with quality information and analysis. You will have access to the insight needed to successfully manage investments.

Data Driven Analysis

We conscientiously take our time to gather and understand data that will provide depth to our weekly insight and analysis. Our data analysis explains why new trends and developments are important and how they could affect your organisation.

Independent & Unbiased

Our editorial policy is to provide you with an unbiased & balanced view. We have no advertisements or sponsored content as that would hinder our allowed objectivity. Diar has no affiliations or vested interests other than in itself.

Newswire Noise Reduction

Newswires can be relentless in dispersing as much information as possible. Digital currency suffers from many abrupt, inaccurate and often, irrelevant rumours. Diar reports on the important stories only, in a manageable once-a-week newsletter.

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