Kraken Trading Volume

Kraken Trading Volume


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State of Play

Kraken, who has voluntarily exited the State of New York due to the contentious BitLicense can claim to be one of the largest exchanges with fiat on/off ramps in US markets with token offerings, and the largest in Europe. The cryptocurrency exchange up until recently was the only outfit in the US that would accept the exchange of Tether for US Dollars. But Kraken now faces competition on the token trading front as Coinbase amps up their portfolio. And should USDC find an audience, off-ramping through Coinbase gives traders an alternative.

Kraken USD Volumes Have Taken Over Exchange % Share from Europe (USD)

Key Statistics 

2017 USD & EUR Pairs Volumes
2017 EUR Pair Volume
2018 EUR Pair Volume
$45.6Bn (10%+ vs 2017)
2017 USD Pair Volume
2018 USD Pair Volume
$38.9Bn (52%+ vs 2017)
70 Markets, 5 Fiat Currencies

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