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Last year saw both CBOE and the CME start trading Bitcoin futures. Intercontinental Exchange-led Bakkt is set to launch the trading of physically settled Bitcoin futures 1Q19. Fidelity launched its digital asset arm. And while the jury at the US Securities and Exchange Commission is still hung on the possibility of a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund, there are close alternative options on the market. Grayscale has seen record inflows this year, and across the pond in Europe Coinshares XBTProviders are trading their Bitcoin and Ether Exchange Traded Products (ETP) on the Stockholm Nasdaq exchange.

2018 Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust More Than Halves But Still Sees Record Inflows ($AuM)

Key Statistics 

Grayscale BTC Nov-18 AuM
$1276.9Mn (-3% vs Oct)
GBTC October-19 AuM
GBTC Jan-Sep-18 Inflows
Grayscale Other Inflows 2018
Bitcoin XBT AuM Nov-18
Ethereum XBT AuM Nov-18

Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund Composition

Top 3 Grayscale Non-Bitcoin Assets under Management ($)

Grayscale was poised to address a  serious question as the hype of cryptocurrencies peaked last year – stick to providing assets with a full thought thesis, as it did with Bitcoin (Digital Gold), Ethereum Classic (IoT), ZCash (Private Wealth Management), or give in to client desires for exposure to more assets. It chose the later. And while there has been some success in bringing on clients, Bitcoin still reigns king as all other investments represent a tiny 7% of Grayscale's total AuM.

Physically Backed Cryptocurrency ETF Proposals

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Derivatives Based Awaiting Approval

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