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Gemini Trading Volume


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While Gemini is operational to retail investors, its ethos harkens one of institutional pedigree. The exchange who has yet to venture into tokens has differentiated itself by holding daily auctions for major pairs in an effort to pool liquidity, offer better price discovery and alleviate price slippage concerns. Despite it being a competitive knock-out product, auction volumes remain small. The exchange's most recent venture was in Stablecoins and introduced the NYDFS regulated Gemini Dollar (GUSD). How Gemini plans for broader adoption use of GUSD outside of exchanges as a speculator tool remains unclear.

Gemini Moves $1Bn+ in Auction Volume, But Takes Over 2-Years From Inception (USD)

Key Statistics 

Jan-Oct 2018 BTCUSD Volumes
Jan-Oct 2018 USD Pairs Volumes
US Market Share (USD Pairs)
3Q vs 2Q18 USD Pairs Volumes
3Q vs 2Q18 BTC Volumes
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Gemini BTC/USD Trading Volume Inches Up Oct-18, 78% of Total Exchange Volume

Gemini Bitcoin/US Dollar trading volumes creeped up slightly in October versus September to $490Mn. Bitcoin volumes accounted for a whopping 78% of all traded cryptocurrencies on the exchange, a 2018 high. In total, this year Gemini has traded $12Bn in Bitcoin alone, but along with the price decline of Bitcoin, the exchange saw volumes drop 77.5% decrease in 3Q18 vs 1Q18 .In BTC terms, traded volume dropped 72% from January highs.

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