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Cryptocurrency's most on looked exchange continues to stretch its tentacles within the digital assets diaspora with its addition of the USDC Stablecoin slated to facilitate a wide range of on-chain financial products. Recently the exchange secured a massive $300Mn investment, bringing up the total capital raised north of $½Bn, giving it deep pockets to stretch its influence across the industry. Coinbase's stardom, so to speak, also leaves it open to much criticism. Their latest listings of 0x (ZRX) and Basic Attention Token (BAT) was met with scrutiny on their lack of utility. Will retail investors care to take on the risk?

Coinbase Clientele Remain Focused on BTC & ETH Pairs - Avg. 77% of Total Volume in 2018

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2017 Trading Volumes
Jan-Oct 2018 Global Volumes
$90.9Bn (+13% vs 2017)
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BTC Pairs Volumes (2018)
ETH Pairs Volumes (2018)
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Coinbase Lists BAT Only Against USDC - Will Other Digital Assets Follow Exclusivity?

Coinbase has recently promised the quick-fire of crypto asset additions. Its latest add was Basic Attention Token (BAT), which has only been paired with the outfits preferred Stablecoin, USDC, which it has co-founded with Circle. The exchange looks to be playing a small experiment to see if and how traders will opt-in to the trading pair. It's also quite likely, in order to push the exchanges 'Open Financial System' forward to continue to pair its current, and future listings with the Stablecoin.

Week of Nov-05-2018 - No love shown by traders for Coinbase's 2018 listings, accounting for only 5.8% of the exchange's volume.

US Trading: Coinbase Beats 2017 Volumes by 3Q18, But Hit's 1-Year Low at Current Prices (USD)

EU & UK Volumes Hit New Records, Now 13.5% of Global Coinbase Volumes (USD)

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